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Colonial Gothic: The Defeated Dead PDF

$ 7.99

     The American Revolution is over, and the colonies are now coming to terms with the aftermath. Creating a government is messy, but messier still is the call to expand the boarders of the young nation. As Americans moved out west for land, tensions between the natives and Americans reached an all time high in the region of the Old Northwest, part of which was to become the state of Ohio.

     It was on a cold morning on November 4, 1791, when the U.S. Army met its’ greatest defeat. Now, three years later, efforts are underway to build a new fort on the site of St. Clair's Defeat. Much to the surprise to everyone, this is easier said than done. Numerous problems plague the construction, and rumors of the British spurring the Native Tribes in actions against the United States are spreading. With no one to spare, President Washington is looking for answers.

     What no one knows is that the dead of Fort Recovery want their vengeance. Betrayed by the military, the soldiers were led to their death at the hands of a Indian uprising. In death, and unable to pass on, they now haunt the battlefield where they met their doom. Set in the Northwestern Territories, The Defeated Dead is a new adventure designed for Colonial Gothic. Included are details of the Ohio Territories, as well as some of the most important forts located there. So the question remains: can you bring peace to the dead?