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Colonial Gothic: Roanoke Island

$ 14.99

One word carved into a tree was all that remained of the Roanoke Colony. First established in 1585and re-founded in 1587, it was found abandoned in 1590 by John White. Since then, there have been many investigations and theories into what happened to the Roanoke Colony. So what happened to the colonists? No one knows. What is known is this: something is returning. Only a few know what it is. If they cannot overcome their differences, all—colonists and Croatoans alike—will be lost.
Roanoke Island is another in Colonial Gothic’s line of settings. Written by Jennifer Brozek (Colonial Gothic: Locations and Caller Unknown), Roanoke Island allows you to play characters in both 1588 and 1776 through a linked plotline. What is this link? An evil far greater than even the Mandoag know.