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Colonial Gothic: Plymouth PDF

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Named after Plymoth, Devon in England, Plymouth (also known as
Plimouth and Plimoth), Massachusetts, is best known as the landing
place of the ship the Mayflower and its Pilgrims, who were fleeing
religious persecution in England. It is one of the oldest
municipalities in the colonies and is the oldest in New England. It is
also the oldest continually inhabited English settlement. Historically
speaking, it is also home to the first Thanksgiving feast and the
famous Plymouth Rock.

Located about forty miles south of
Boston in the southern part of Massachusetts known as "The South
Shore," Plymouth is famous for its rope making, fishing, and shipping
businesses. Plymouth Bay is an important import and export center for
the colonies.

Uncover the plots of the Mandoag. Face the
hidden agendas of many. Explore a region that is one of the oldest
locations in the colonies. Plymouth is waiting. This new Colonial
location is ready for your use. Filled with maps, new
ideas, and numerous hooks, Colonial Gothic: Plymouth is filled
with a lot for not only Gamemasters, but their players as well.