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Colonial Gothic Atlas PDF

$ 9.99

The New World.


A seductive song beckons to all those willing to travel to the New World and make it their own. Newcomers arrive daily on its shores to make a new start. Many come seeking the freedom to practice their religious beliefs free from persecution. Others, still, seek to exploit the new land's abundant resources to make themselves rich beyond their dreams. It is a place of great opportunity, where history will be made, a land filled with promise and hope... but also one of mystery and danger, with an ancient and dark history of its own waiting to be discovered. 


Welcome to the New World.


The Colonial Gothic Atlas is your indispensable resource of the lands, people, and history of the Americas. Everything you need to know when it comes to setting your Colonial Gothic games in the New World is found here. 


In this book you will find maps and information covering:


* Each of the Thirteen Colonies

* The Province of Maine 

* New France

* East and West Florida

* The Caribbean Islands

* The Native people who have been here long before European arrival

* Glossaries

* The machinations of the secret societies and organizations working in the shadows


Written by Gabriel Brouillard, Graeme Davis, and Richard Iorio, this book builds upon everything that has come before and opens up new possibilities for the brave and foolhardy.


The New World awaits you! Do not wonder in fear at the dangers of the unknown or what might lurk in the shadows of the unexplored. You'll likely discover them in due course...