Colonial Gothic: Lost Tales

$ 9.99

     Many tales are told of Colonial America. Some are whispered in low voices, for fear of bringing doom to the teller. Some are published in rare books, cherished by those lucky enough to possess a copy. Some are forgotten, thought to be lost to the ravages of time: but they have been found. Here you will find lost tales of the world of Colonial Gothic, written by award-winning author Jennifer Brozek (Caller Unknown, Never Let Die and Keystones). These short stories are a collection of growing doom, mysteries rediscovered, and the darkness that lurks in the shadows.  From the Branch is Cast the Seed shows that the gift of a long life may become a curse. She Stretched Forth her Tentacles Across the Eons reveals the price that is paid when an ancient evil is summoned. Curious Words recounts a correspondence dealing with a missing person, and the strange events surrounding the matter. Safe House shows that is the deadliest threats are those that are unseen. Where Loyal Ties Lie discovers what a person may do in order to join a secret society. Are you ready to discover the lost tales?

Includes free PDF copy.