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Close Encounters: Onyx Station - Paperback

$ 11.95

   A derelict space station that disappeared fifty years ago has reappeared. Only a few of the original inhabitants remain, with the rest being mutated into hideous aberrations, transformed into undead beasts, or forcibly evolved into sentient plants. What’s more is that a few of the monsters now roaming the halls of Onyx Station weren't here, to begin with...  Close Encounters: Onyx Station introduces brand new rules for 12 of these creatures, from the soul-draining shadowsludge to the monstrous columns of flesh! Also included are 9 traps and hazards that can be found aboard the station, as well as 2 brand new ships! These rules are meant as a campaign toolkit for GMs handling players from levels 1 to 10. Close Encounters is a line of Starfinder Roleplaying Game compatible books from Fat Goblin Games filled with a ready-made encounter and numerous plot hooks and adventure seeds for Gamemasters to quickly adapt for their own tables. Each book includes fully statted monsters and NPCs for the Starfinder Roleplaying Game, sometimes all new, sometimes adapted from other game systems, sometimes both.