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Circus of the Stars (D&D 4E) PDF

$ 9.99

Come one, come all to the greatest show in the World!

Step right up ladies and lords to see the wonders of the natural and unnatural world! Trained animals from across the globe have been gathered for your amusement and examination! Strongmen, jugglers, acrobats, sword swallowers, and our exclusive flying clowns join exotic acts and foods from the four corners of the known world and beyond!

You, my friend have the privilege of witnessing the spectacle, the amazement, the wonder of the Circus of the Stars! Step right up and buy your tickets now before they're all gone! Limited seating is available and no one will be seated once the show has begun!

What has brought this unusual circus to the aging lakeside village of Locksport? Perhaps it is the ancient sea monster in the lake, or the assassin Redblade is recruiting for new members, or maybe the village of Locksport holds even darker secrets than the ancient lake it borders? Only the bravest of heroes can answer these questions, are you up to the challenge?

This module is intended for five, Level 9 PCs

 This is a full color PDF.