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Cave Girl, Mini-Game #93 PDF

$ 4.99

Sharr leaped for her life as the massive T-Rex tried to bite her in half.  “Damn dumb monster,” She cried as she stood and throw her knife tipped spear.  With a thud, the sharp bladed lance dug deep into the dinosaur’s flank, sending the beast hopping about the swamp in a comical dance of pain, surprise and outrage.  “That will teach you to try and eat me,” The cave girl laughed, pulling her spear from the monster’s hide and sending it on its way, a limb to its ungainly walk

This is Cave Girl, another Mini-Games from Avalon Games.  Taking the S&G skirmish game system and add to it dinosaurs, cavemen and thrilling pulp fun, you can recreate your favorite caveman movie or story using this fun system.  Dinosaurs attack, and you are in charge of their struggle, so have fun with this simple to play system.