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Caravan PDF on CD

$ 5.95

Caravan is:

40 pages of adventure
10 pages of setting sourcebook material including:
Bronze-Age technology and available equipment
Cultures and Politics of Mesopotamia
2 complete pantheons of Mesopotamiam dieties: Sumerian and Phoenecian
8 pages of maps

Compatible with 3 different systems:

3.5 OGL

Explore ancient Mesopotamia and take part in the birth of empires and the dawn of civilization itself. In the process, the players will to protect a trade caravan as it travels from Ur to Nineveh. Along the way, they'll battle the desert sun, be attacked by bandits, and kicked by the camels they're supposed to be protecting.

5000 years ago there were no myths. The stories that we today consider to be epic mythology -- battles between gods and monsters -- were actually happening. Beasts of legend patrol the skies, lurk in the waters, and stalk the wild lands between city-nations. Human-kind has only "civilized" a few miles of land surrounding each city-state and trade, culture, and militaries are all new inventions. Meanwhile would-be Gods walk the earth openly recruiting followers and building armies. The only advantage civilization has is that most dragons are still pretty young. Medieval heroes have it easy!

While mostly adventure, this book is also a bronze-ages sourcebook for the Mesopotamian region, complete with a regional map, details on the cultures of the time, and minor rules and equipment modifications for bronze gear.

Thoroughly researched, Caravan is historically accurate, or at least as accurate as you can get while still having halflings and gnomesrunning around underfoot.