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Camp Myth: The RPG PDF

$ 9.99

How was my summer vacation?
It was okay, I guess. Well, except for the parts where I was electrocuted, crushed, petrified, burned, stomped, poisoned, frozen, whipped, paralyzed, teleported, clawed, shot at, eaten, scarred, cursed, mauled, squashed, and thrown off a flying horse at least once a day...
And that was just earning the easy merit badges."
Welcome to Camp Myth, the only summer camp built exclusively for young mythological creatures, based on the awesome Young Adult Series by Chris Lewis Carter. Forget canoe rides and knot-tying lessons - these kids are more likely to fish for a Kraken, or learn the proper way to train a Chimera!
• Complete rules to Play the Game
• 10 Mythic Races to choose From
• Dozens of Monsters to combat
• Plenty of Badges to Earn During your Summer
• 3 Sample Adventures