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Bride of the Darkened Rider

$ 11.95

     Two of the kingdom’s baronies have been at odds and occasionally outright war for centuries, in a blood feud that lost all meaning generations ago. Things have recently changed as the heads of the two noble families have arranged a marriage between the heirs to their baronies, in a move to secure peace and prosperity to the region. This particular adventure has two sections. The first is an event based part of the game, where the players proceed from one event or scene to the next in a straightforward manner. Each scene or event is self-contained, but has links to the previous and the upcoming events. The latter half of the adventure, when the characters are finally ready to confront the villains of the adventure is a more classic dungeoncrawl, with pits, traps, monsters and treasure. Make sure you familiarize yourself with both before you start the adventure for your group. The adventure itself is written for 4-6 3rd level characters, but is adjustable for other levels of play as you see fit.