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Brancalonia: The Empire Whacks Back (5E)

$ 45.00

The Empire Whacks Back is the first official game campaign for Brancalonia – The Spaghetti Fantasy RPG. This new expansion includes the stretch goals unlocked during the crowdfunding campaign.
In this book you can find:
• A description of the northern regions of the Kingdom and their Free Cities, with secrets, menaces, curiosities, places of interest, rumors, game hooks, and new ideas for
your gaming sessions.
• A general presentation on the Altomannic Empire, its rulers, secrets, and armies.
• A complete map of the northern part of the Kingdom
• A new, original, war-themed campaign, consisting of 10 linked adventures.
• Three new playable races: Jackrabids, Paraghouls, and Arcimboldi
• New Backgrounds, new Dive Games, new Grandluxuries, new Equipment, new Spells, and new Magical Junk for all Knaves.
• 20+ new monsters and antagonists typical of Italian history, tradition, and folklore
• And so much more...