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Brancalonia: Macaronicon (5E)

$ 49.00

    The Macaronicon is the first official expansion for Brancalonia, the Spaghetti Fantasy Setting for the 5th Edition of the most famous role-playing game ever. This module collects every stretch goal unlocked during our crowdfunding launch campaign, in Spring 2020.

     In this book you will find: New options for the Knaves, such as the new Puppeteer class and subclasses, ten new subclasses, three new races, two new subraces for the Marionette, and many new Background options. A wagon-load of new equipment of any kind. A ton of new spells and invocations to the Saints. Rich insights about many Brancalonian topics: from the Extravaganza to the Relics, from the nature of Marionettes to monster cooking. New creatures and adversaries, such as Relic and the Hob. Seven new jobs unlocked during the campaign. Insights on four cities in the Kingdom, including detailed maps, secret locations, and adventure hints. And so much more...