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Brancalonia: Jinx's Almanac (5E)

$ 39.00

The Jinx’s Almanack is a hardback, full color Collector’s Edition that brings together special Brancalonia adventures and limited edition contents, and includes the stretch goals unlocked during the 2021 crowdfunding campaign.
In this book you can find:
The Daily Jinx, issue #0, #1 #2 #3, #4, #5
• The following adventures: For a Fistful of Hops, Showdown at Borgoratto,The Bigat’s Treasure, Tarantasia: Quatrin Heist, Army of the Undead, Rich and Mortal, and
Rabbits! On your Spits!
• Insights on four cities including detailed maps, secret locations, and adventure hints.
• Other special contents like: Durante’s Revenge and the Gran Minestrone.
• And so much more...