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Book of the Dead PDF

$ 4.49

What fantasy RPG would be complete without a few undead critters shambling about. Bad Baby is happy to add the Book of the Dead to the Worlds of Wonder system. Now have your brave adventurers encounter a deadly Lich and its foul magic, or have them battle hoards of ghouls lead by their pack leader. Combine this with the new Book of Black Magic and you will find your undead have grown in power and scope. 

Also included in this expansion is a new racial skill set, Undead. Now your vampires and wrights can advance in their dark arts of killing and rampage. 

Within the Book of the Dead you will find...

* A new skill set, the undead.

* 15 new foes to fight, including the Lich, Death Knight, Skeletal Warrior, Wright and more.

* Updated pages for the core rules.

* Fully book marked for easy use.

* Lifetime updates should we upgrade and or revises the system in any way.

Try this and other Worlds of Wonder expansions, and have an adventure.

Note that this is not a stand alone product, and requires that you have a copy of the Worlds of Wonder RPG system