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Book of Faith PDF

$ 4.49

The Book of Faith is the latest expansion for the Worlds of Wonder RPG system. This expansion opens up new powers for your Divine character, adding powerful rituals that can be performed. Watch as your priest gains the power of the Gods themselves, or even observe as one of the devote emerges from one of these rituals changed, more then a man or woman, but now a tool of the gods. 

Included in this expansion is the following...

* The Shaman Skill Set, a combination of a priest and mage.

* 25 Divine Rituals, based on the nine core faiths.

* Herbalist Chart, with over 50 herbs and natural magics to explore and discover

* Nine Divine Foes, ranging from the lowly healing priestess to the truly deadly demonic high priest of evil.

* Updated pages for the core rules.

* Fully book marked for easy use.

* Lifetime updates should we upgrade and or revises the system in any way.

Try this and other Worlds of Wonder expansions, and have an adventure. 

Note that this is not a stand alone product, and requires that you have a copy of the Worlds of Wonder RPG system.