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Book of Enchanting PDF

$ 4.49

The Book of Enchanting brings to the Worlds of Wonder RPG system the ability to create truly powerful items of magic. Now GMs and players can create magical swords, weave mystic cloaks and forge mighty golems. The expansion offers a simple, but detail system for creating any kind of magical item you want. Also included are two new schools of magic, Enchanting and Golem Mastery. 

The book of Enchanting comes with the following...

* The School of Enchanting, along with 20 new spells for the making of magical items.

* The School of Golem Master. Now have you mage form mighty golems and control their actions.

* Details rules on the creating of magical item, with a fully expanded section on Items of Power from the core rules covering these new rules.

* Lists of Potions, well over 50 wondrous brews for your adventuring needs.

* Updated pages for the core rules.

* Fully book marked for easy use.

* Lifetime updates should we upgrade and or revises the system in any way.

 Try this and other Worlds of Wonder expansions, and have an adventure. 

Note that this is not a stand alone product, and requires that you have a copy of the Worlds of Wonder RPG system.