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Book of Black Magic PDF

$ 4.49

Not all magic is a wonder to behold. Some magic, that which draws from the black flow, is evil in nature, vile in effect and terrible to watch. Avalon Games is happy to offer its newest addition to the Worlds of Wonder RPG system, the Book of Black Magic. Four new schools of magic are detailed within this book, all dark and evil in nature. Explore the darkness with the school of Black magic, or raise the dead with the School of Necromancery. Drag demons before you with the school of Summoning or send forth terrible plagues upon the lands with the dark arts found in the school of Macabre. 

As with all WoW products, this skill set gives you everything you need to create and play a dark mage within the WoW RPG system. Expand you Worlds with Worlds of Wonder, and have a great game. 

Note that this product is not a stand alone game, and requires that you have a copy of the Worlds of Wonder RPG system. 

Within the Book of black Magic you will find...

* The school of Black Magic, along with 20 new spells for that school.

* The School of Necromancery, also with 20 new spells.

* The school of Summoning, with its powerful spells of sumnmoning demons of all sorts.

* he School of Macabre. Terrorize the world with this school's 20 spells.

* Updated pages for the core rules.

* Fully book marked for easy use.

* Lifetime updates should we upgrade and or revises the system in any way.

 Try this and other Worlds of Wonder expansions, and have an adventure.