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Rocket Age Classic: Bold Brigands of the Belt

$ 19.99

They’re bold, they’re brigands, and they are in the Belt!  Bold Brigands of the Belt (Classic) is a Rocket Age (Classic) adventure for characters of no more than 13 Story Points, preferably those with a rocket ship (although one can be provided by a patron for the adventure). Rocket ships are being stolen across the Solar System, some taken in deep space, others brazenly (some would say boldly) stolen from rocket ports ranging from Venus to Jupiter. Someone has to stop them, and maybe figure out who these Bold Brigands are and why they are stealing so many ships.  Spoiler alert, that someone is you. Travel to the Red Quadrant of the Asteroid Belt, explore the shifting maze of space rocks, and face the Bold Brigands of the Belt on their home turf in this pulse pounding adventure by Ed Greenwood!