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BLEEDING EDGE: High-Tech Low-Life Role-Play

$ 49.95

From the makers of IRONCLAW and MYRIAD SONG comes a role-playing game about the lunatic fringe between the meatspace and the singularity. It's about fighting the power, jamming the culture, and hacking the system. Explore the world of 2047, with all of its technological miracles and its broken promises. Super-computers and sub-cultures, multinational corporations and micro-economies, waking up from narcoleptic dreams.
A complete game in one volume, BLEEDING EDGE builds upon the same technology as 13th Age*, Mutants and Masterminds*, Pathfinder*, and other SRD-based games, to bring you the next generation in tabletop role-play. Make the character that you want to play, and then do the things you want to do. Your character can be anything from a mere human trying to make their way among the gleaming towers and laser-lights... to a self-aware machine seeking to find meaning in a cold and calculating world ... to the strange and unidentified mongrels that live in between. Enhance your character with experimental gene-therapy, bionic limbs, and cybernetic senses. Master the skills from the computer lab, to the boardroom, to the makerspace. Do it for the money, do it for the glory, do it for the thrills. BLEEDING EDGE's object-oriented rules keep the pace fast and the options wide open. The only limits are your imagination.
*"13th Age" is a trademark of Pelgrane Press. "Mutants and Masterminds" is a trademark of Green Ronin Publishing. "Pathfinder" is a trademark of Paizo LLC. The references to these trademarks are not an indication of endorsement from the owners, nor is it an indication of compatibility or co-adaptability with the trademarked products.