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BESM: Fourth Edition - Dice Tower

$ 34.95

With table space often at a premium, it’s handy to have a compact option for dice rolling. With the BESM Dice Tower and Trays, we are packaging together a functional yet beautiful constructible cardboard dice tower, plus two snap-together neoprene dice trays. The tower represents a whimsical waterslide for the Asrai and their winged lemur friends, set within a hollow giant tree in the lands of Aradia. The two dice trays each portray a scene from the Prime Worlds of the BESM Multiverse – one of the space-opera setting of Cathedral, and one of the post-apocalyptic setting of Enid. When paired with the previously available BESM Dice to accent your gaming table, you’ll be ready to roll along in your adventures (see what we did there?).