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Beasts & Barbarians Golden Edition (Savage Worlds) Print-PDF Bundle

$ 32.49

Welcome to the dangerous Dread Sea Dominions, a place where mighty barbarians do combat with hideous monsters, dark warlocks whisper terrible sorceries in forgotten temples and noble amazons duel in the sun scorched arenas of Faberterra, capital of a decadent empire!

In this book, you will find: Thirty new Edges. Three arcane backgrounds, Lotusmastery, Sorcery, and the Path of Enlightenment Dozens of new weapons, armors, and mounts A simple but elegant system to develop your character between adventures and to manage the enormous riches you'll find! Rules for Heroic Incapacitation Henchemen and Right Hands to support your villains Twenty dreadful monsters Fifty-one Non Player Characters

An adventure generator explicitly tailored for Sword and Sorcery to create a great plot in no tim A fully fledged adventure in the Dominions And much, much more!

Gird your loins, get your broadsword ready and prepare to face the threats of Beasts and Barbarians, the new sword and sorcery open setting from GRAmel.

Requires the use of the Savage Worlds core rules.