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Battlelords of the 23rd Century Kickstarter Edition Quick-Start Rules PDF

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Free downloadable QUICK-START RULES for the newest edition of the Battlelords of the 23rd Century roleplaying game. 

Grab your pulse rifle and your mechanized battle armor and kick some ass in the universe of Battlelords of the 23rd Century. These Quick-Start Rules will teach you the basics of Battlelords.

Included are six sample characters and a starter adventure. When you’re finished here check out the complete Battlelords of the 23rd Century (Kickstarter Edition), from 23rd Century Productions, LLC!

All you need besides this booklet are some gaming dice. 


“The soldier of the future will be more like a medieval knight in ultramodern armor than a soldier of the 21st century. Operating autonomously, they will be light years from their commanders and support.”
-Military Scientist, Howard Dickenson. Earth, Year 2083.

By the year 2282 humanity has spread among the stars and joined The Alliance of Allied Species. The Alliance is composed of over a dozen species, who pool resources and technology, to expand across the galaxies and defend themselves against the threat of galactic war with the hostile Ak-Nar-Ryn. The Ak-Nar-Ryn, who are more commonly called the “Arachnids,” have destroyed worlds and decimated populations as they advance into Alliance territory. More recently the Alliance has been faced with a new threat, that is even more insidious than even the Arachnids. The shapeshifting, nanite swarms of the Atlanteans, which are capable of devouring entire cities.

Many member species of the Alliance have longstanding rivalries, conflicting agendas, and a few have even gone to war with each other in the past. However, each species brings something unique to the coalition, but all must overcome their bias and speciesism if they are to cooperatively achieve their goal of survival. In the midst of it all, the mega-corporations run the show from behind the scenes and cash in every chance they get. If you’re not living in a colony town on some backwater world on the frontier, you’re probably working for a mega-corp on a long-term contract. They own and run nearly everything, including you… for as long as you’re under contract.

Against the backdrop of war, you can take the fight to the Arachnids as soldiers of the Galactic Armed Forces. Become a hired gun working as a corporate mercenary. Explore the universe, discovering new species and relics of past civilizations. Protect the bottom line of your company as you engage in corporate espionage or research the hidden threat the Atlanteans pose to the Alliance working as a spy. Maybe plunder is more your style? There’s always room for another pirate out on the frontier. The possibilities are as limitless as the universe.

The core rules contain: 

  • A complete timeline of the Battlelord’s universe and detailed setting information.
  • 14 different highly detailed species to choose from for your character.
  • Character development tables and nearly 100 skills to make each character unique.
  • An expansive, galaxy spanning setting, with limitless potential.
  • Dozens of high-tech armored suits and helmets to choose from for your character.
  • Unique armor game mechanics allow players to customize their suit’s resistance to different methods of attack.
  • Armor ranges from light body armor, to mechanized battle armor, to the massive walking tanks called Ultra Armor.
  • Each suit of armor is highly customizable, with over 150 options to choose from.
  • Dozens of weapon systems, and hundreds of weapons to equip your character.
  • Arm yourself with lasers, disintegrators, pulse weapons, grav sheers, grenade launchers, fluid guns, and Omega weapons, just to name a few.
  • Find the chink in your opponent’s armor by choosing the weapon that exploits a weakness in their defenses.
  • Equipment, cybernetics, and vehicles.
  • Spacecraft of all types, including deck plans, and rules for using them.
  • Hundreds of Matrices. The psychic powers used by a few species within the Alliance.
  • Information on the techno-organic, bio-engineered soldiers of Arachnid hordes and the Atlantean nano-swarms.

The core rulebook includes detailed setting information for running a campaign in the 23rd Century for:

  • Galactic Armed Forces Soldiers
  • Mega-corp Mercenaries
  • Pirates and Privateers
  • Alliance Spies and mega-corp espionage agents
  • Pre-made, ready-to-play teams.