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Battlelords of the 23rd Century: Lock 'N' Load: Reloaded PDF

$ 10.00

The PDF you have in your grubby little hands, or on your grubby little screen, is the compilation of material that did not make it into the Lock-N-Load books. We’re releasing it to the general public in the hopes that you might find some of it useful or at the very least, entertaining. Before you turn up your nose at the “rejects” you should know that there are a lot of reasons this material didn’t make it into the Lock-N-Load books. Sometimes we - we being the editors and company owners - felt the material was inappropriate for the setting. Other times we felt the material would dramatically alter game play or game balance. Heck, sometimes we just came up with the idea after the books had gone to press. Not all of this material is a hazard to game balance. Some of the material was simply cut due to lack of space in the book. Other times we felt the material had a lot of merit, but would over-complicate an already detailed game system. BMs should feel free to pick and choose what optional rules and items they want to use. A check-list has been provided so you can clearly indicate to your players which rules and items you’ll be using.

To help you sort out what’s what, all of the items in this manuscript have been labeled with a Game Balance Value (GBV). Before you ask, yes we do love acronyms. Get use to it, there are lot more in this PDF! The GBV indicates the likelihood that allowing this item in your game will causeproblems, start arguments, disturb game play, destroy game balance, or otherwise fracture the space-time-carnage continuum. The higher the GBV the more likely the item or rule may cause problems. Most of these ratings are judgment calls on the editor’s part and some devices and rules may be more or less detrimental to game balance than advertised. Battle Masters allow these items at your own risk, and players should employ them with caution. Note: Sometimes particular items are assigned individual GBVs, on other occasions an entire class of items or weapon system (like Parasites) are assigned a GBV as a whole.

As a final note, I’d like to point out that most of the material in this PDF was assembled from the editor’s forum discussions. As a result, much of this material has undergone minimal editing and even less play-testing. In addition, a bunch of editors doing some friendly bickering on an Internet forum makes it really hard to establish authorship of the text included within this document. Some of the ideas in here were the genius of a sole editor, while others were a collaborative effort. As a result, I’m just going to credit everybody to reduce the chances of me being pulse blasted or thwacked. Please forgive me if leave you out of the credits. Please don’t tell anybody if I put you in the credits by mistake.

Best of luck,

Tony “Warmonger” Oliveira

This product is for the 6th edition of the Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century roleplaying game. A newer version of the Battlelords core rules (aka The Kickstarter Edition), which has streamlined and revised rules and is full color throughout the book is currently available