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Battlelords of the 23rd Century: Galactic Underground 2 PDF

$ 7.50

You know, this bunch of friends I’ve signed on to work with are just a blast to be around; in that Orion Galort's case that's literal! Ha!

I've learned so many new recipes and techniques cooking for these guys. It's a challenge keeping the Jezzadei fed, but I'm soooo glad I learned how to make brewl, that quintessential Cizerack peasant dish. Wow, is that a fave!

But the best part is this whole huge galaxy these guys have shown me. I know a lot of them complaint about which ass-end of the universe they are in now, but I love it all.

What a huge playground and it's mine for the taking!

-Our new Furbl

Galactic Underground 2 Includes:

  • Seven new player character races including the Andromeni energy being, the four-armed Ashanti, and the mysterious Jezzadei
  • More than 100 new matrices
  • Race-specific medals and commendations
  • Roleplaying aid: each race discusses all the rest; loves, hates, and prejudices
  • Races without reason

This product is for the 6th edition of the Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century roleplaying game. A newer version of the Battlelords core rules (aka The Kickstarter Edition), which has streamlined and revised rules and is full color throughout the book is currently available .