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Battlelords of the 23rd Century: Beyond the Rift PDF

$ 10.00

Rift Running: You may not get rich but adventure is guaranteed!

Beyond the Rift lies the Zenax Galaxy, a whole new universe for intrepid Battlelords to explore. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before. The safety of Alliance controlled space is a distant memory and it will take all your skill and experience to survive. Once you’re on the other side, there are no Madd Mike’s supply depots and no one accepts your Galactic Gold Card.

The inhabitants of Zenax are used to encountering strange aliens, so you’re not likely to be dissected… at least not right away. The wormholes that litter the astral landscape ensure that ships from Alliance space make their way into Zenax with some frequency. Thousands of ships have been mysteriously lost in the Alliance during stargate travel. Some of them end up in Zenax.

Zenax is populated by a wide variety of species, most notably the aggressive Whe who have been waging war with almost every the other species in the galaxy for over 50 years. Not all of the species in Zenax are hostile. There are many benevolent races including the robotic Aktai, whose superior technology has spared them from Whe annexation. There are also the space-dwelling Cedeun and their allies the entrepreneurial Klee, who wander Zenax in massive mercantile fleets. The winged Disrapan constantly seek to expand their empire. The Dul are wandering martial artists and scholars who are capable of using their strange matrix powers in hand-to-hand combat. Lastly, there are the massive Raaza, whose regenerative abilities and quasi-religious worship of death make them formidable foes.

Zenax sits on the edge of the war. The Whe are amassing their forces on the Aktai border in preparation for a new campaign that will undoubtedly throw the entire area into turmoil. Though the weapons of war will be different, they’re just as lethal as those in the Alliance. Aktai gravitic accelerators utilize gravity to crush the enemy; force manipulation weapons fire thin tendrils of solid energy piercing their victims. Matter Transmission Weapons teleport away portions of their targets. Nuclear lasers, anti-armor particle beams, and mass doublers that fire projectiles at almost the speed of light, are all in the hands of alien species that want to use them on you. Some rift runners are simply trying to find a way home, and stay out of trouble. Others have decided to stay and explore, or carve out their own little kingdom. Most just fight to survive. The possibilities are endless. Caught in the middle of it all, beyond the rift.

Hope you packed an extra pair of shorts.

Some have claimed that beyond the great Motaran Rift there are other universes yet to be discovered. Universes with untapped resources waiting to be exploited by the galactic mega-corporations of the Alliance. The mega-corps are keenly aware that discovering the secret to Rift travel could ensure their financial prosperity for centuries to come and they are willing to pay handsomely for it. Fortunately for them there are no shortages of Battlelords who are willing to risk it all and enter the Rift.

These “Rift Runners” are paid obscene amounts of money by their corporate sponsors to enter the vortex and make scientific measurements of the phenomenon. Not all of them return, but not all of them meet their demise either. The truth is there are other universes beyond the rift. . . and they have already been discovered. Discovered by those who never return. Trapped on the other side. Trapped beyond the Rift.

Welcome to Zenax.

Beyond the Rift features:

  • Detailed campaign setting beyond the boundaries of the known universe
  • 7 new and fully detailed player character races
  • “I was just growing up tables” for each new race
  • Over a dozen new alien weapon systems New alien armor, armor options, defensive systems, and equipment
  • 3 new matrix disciplines and over 100 new matrices, including new combat focused matrixes Advanced hand-to-hand combat and martial arts rules for any Battlelords game
  • New Mazian combat rules and Mazian hand-to-hand skill
  • Dozens of scenario ideas for starting your Zenax adventures
  • Rules for playing an extended campaign away from Alliance controlled space

This product is for the 6th edition of the Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century roleplaying game. The newest edition of Battlelords (The "Kickstarter Edition”), which has streamlined and revised rules and is full color throughout the book is now available.