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Battle for Baghdad Boardgame

$ 79.95

Battle for Baghdad is a unique multi-player game in which players represent different factions vying for control of the governance of Iraq during US occupation. The game emphasizes the roles and capabilities of the various factions involved and demonstrates how asymmetric capabilities can be leveraged to generate favorable outcomes.

The playing surface is constructed from satellite images of the city of Baghdad and each component is carefully researched for authenticity. For three to six players, the board game is of low to moderate complexity.

Principle Designer: Joseph Miranda
Additional Design and Development: Michael Anderson, Jon Compton
Physical Systems Design: Michael Anderson
Rules Questions: b4bqs@mcsgroup.org

Complexity: 3 (1 to 10)
Playing Time: 1 to 2 Hours

- 280 Die-cut Counters
- 30 Command Cards
- 35 Arab Street Cards
- 63 Arms Bazaar Cards
- Full-Color 22x22 Inch Mounted Map
- Two 20-Sided Dice
- Six Faction Displays
- Rules & Notes Book
- Strategy Guide