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Battle Dragons: RPG Corebook

$ 24.95

Behold the terrible power of the Dragon.
Hear the cries of those who face the Dragon.
Know the carnage left in the wake of the Dragon.
Feel the strength running throughout the Dragon.
Exalt, for you are now the Dragon. Field the most awesome engine of destruction ever crafted by the gods, The Dragon. BattleDragons allows you to design and bring onto the battlefield one of the most awesome beings in any fantasy world. Let nothing stand in your way as you strive for your own world order. Destroy the evil that abounds. Lay waste to the cities of man. Eradicate thoae who would rise up against you. Gather the treasures of a thousand lands. Unlock the secrets of the cosmos. Assume the power of the gods. BattleDragons contains construction rules for the eight Dragon races. Hundreds of Powers and abilities. Construction guidelines for the humanoid armies. Easy to master combat. And most importantly of all, the thrill and excitement of the greatest battles in the universe. This is your Destiny. This is your Fate. This is BattleDragons.