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Battle Axe, Giants PDF

$ 1.00

In times long past the giants where rulers of the world, called Sky Kings, their race rulers all about them with wise and kind guidance. Then the Dragon Princes rose to power and
a log war was waged. The Giant’s allies, the Dwarfs and Minotaur, fought besides their kings, with pride and valor, but in the end the war crushed both the Sky Kings and their
foes. Now the giants are a dying race, fallen into barbarism and banditry. Some still know of their ancient past, and a few of the Sky Kings still rule in castles high atop
mountains peaks, but the time of the giants is gone and a new age has risen, one that will see the giant race die in the end.

* Full stats on the Giants

* FAQ of all their cards

* 9 Full Color cards, X3 Common, X3 Uncommon, X2 Rare and One Unique Card

Don’t just defeat your foes, crush them under your heel.

Note that this is not a full game, you will need Battle Axe to use this product.