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Battle Axe, Free Rules and Starter Kit PDF

$ 0.00

Battle Axe is a simple to play tabletop system for skirmish level battles. Using cards instead of dice, you will find the game to be less luck based and much more tactical in nature. The rules and cards provide here will be enough to get you started, and new characters and rule expansions are on the way so you can continue to increase both the size and composition of your War Bands.
Note that the cards offered with this free version of the game are very basic in nature. If you want nice cards, with full color art, then you will have to buy the deluxe system and the different card sets which are offered for sell at several sites on line.

This deluxe set offers you the following

* Full color, detailed rule with plenty of examples and diagram to highlight important concepts.

* Combat Charts

* Free samples of a 60 card Fate deck, character cards and more

Links for a free download of the Elven and Goblin War Host, a $14 dollar value for free.

So don't wait, get on board the band wagon and wage war with your friends