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Battle Axe, Elven Ranger PDF

$ 1.00

Rangers are a shadowy figure, moving from one land to the next, seeking to aid the kings and queens of the elven realms. Their skills as hunters, scouts and archers are well known among the elves and their appearance is often most welcome to those elven lords that find they need such skills.

Master of the natural world, the Ranger is most home among the great trees and glades of forests, but have been known to also call rolling hills and bogs home. Many of the best Rangers are Wood Elves, although all in the end forgo their former lives to go out and seek out adventure and the protection of the elven way.

Included with the Character set is...

* Full stats on the Elven Ranger

* FAQ of all their cards

* 6 Full Color cards, X3 Common, X2 Uncommon and One Rare.

Load up your Elven War Bands with these deadly bowmen and watch your foe drop like leaves.

Note that this is not a full game, you will need Battle Axe and the Elven War Host to use this product.