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Battle Axe, Elven Lord PDF

$ 1.00

Few warriors of the world are as deadly or feared as the Elven Lord. Countless years of training and endless battles have hardened this elven warrior to the highest skill and talent. Masters of strategy and tactics, few can hope to out maneuver or out wit a master warlord of the elven realms. All lords are kings and queens of their respective realms, and only the most dire of need will bring them armed and ready to the battlefield.

Included with the Character set is...

* Full stats on the Elven Lord

* FAQ of all their cards

* 9 Full Color cards, X3 Common, X3 Uncommon, X2 Rare and one Unique Card

Load up your Elven War Bands with this deadly warlord watch your foe scatter in the wind.

Note that this is not a full game, you will need Battle Axe and the Elven War Host to use this product.