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Aventuria Adventure Card Game – Tears of Fire Monster Expansion

$ 34.99

After a difficult climb, the heroes finally reached their objective: a cave that had once been home to an invincible monster and its immeasurable riches. The cavern appeared to be uninhabited. Then three mighty heads loomed out of the darkness, and a deep rumbling shook the mountainside…

Tears of Fire is a monster expansion for the Aventuria Adventure Card Game, in which the heroes come face-to-face with a three-headed dragon known as a giant wyvern! In Duel Mode, one player controls the dragon, while in Adventure Mode, heroes play through the adventure Tears of Fire and face the giant wyvern together. Customize the dragon by selecting from among six different heads and four age levels to create new and exciting challenges with every game.

You need the Aventuria Base Set to play.