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Aventuria Adventure Card Game - Inn of the Black Boar

$ 49.99

  Escape the Grasp of the Evil Count! Inn of the Black Boar is a Dungeon Escape adventure expansion for Aventuria – The Adventure Card Game. The heroes are relieved of their equipment and forced to flee from the henchmen of the Count of Gratenfels. They search for an exit from the cellars and vaults under the Inn of the Black Boar and fend off their enemies with rusty daggers, shovels, and other improvised weapons. Dungeon Cards, Desperation Cards and a total of 20 different combat scenarios with individual special rules ensure that this adventure provides challenge and variety every time you play. This adventure can be played with all the heroes of Aventuria, including four new heroes that can also be played in Duel Mode: the honorable Amazon Warrior, Palinai Erlendur of Kurkum, the streetwise Grolm Merchant, Neerax Dal, the mysterious Maraskan Buskur, Nicole Sororis, and the battle-hardened Tobrian Mercenary, Heigan Malleaux. To play this game, you also need the Aventuria Basic Box.

     Contents: 8 Hero and 120 Action Cards, 4 Hero Counters, 8 Life Point Cards, 8 Fate Points; 210 Adventure Cards (including Leaders, Henchmen, Rewards, and more) and over 70 special counters; 1 rule booklet with Escape Dungeon rules and adventure