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Asteroid Racers, Mini-Game #60 PDF

$ 4.99

Chad hit the thrusters and pulled back on the flight controls as the massive asteroid hurled past the small ship. “Damn that was close,” He cursed under his breath as he regained some control of the space ship, trying as he did to keep an eye on the other asteroid racers. 

“Almost got turned into space junk there butt head,” Called McCoven over the comm unit.  Chad hated McCoven, the bastard cheated and because of that was always winning the asteroid race.  “Well not this time,” Chad swore, hitting his beam lasers and scorching the side of McCoven’s ship.  “See ya at the finish line, loser,” Chad offered as he pushed the engines of his little ship to the red line and beyond.  

This is Asteroid Racers, the fast and fun game of space ship racing and madness.  Build your small space ship, arm it with futuristic weapons and gear, and then take off and see if you can win the prestigious asteroid race.  Be careful though, because you foes will also be trying to win the race, and at any cost.