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Ascendant: Corebook

$ 60.00

    Ascendant is the superpowered role-playing game of infinite possibilities. In this 496-page standalone rulebook, you get: Elegant game mechanics that swiftly simulate the physics of a comic-book world using easy-to-reference real-life benchmarks

Color-coded challenge action resolution tables that resolve complex actions with superspeed; Infinitely scalable system lets you play heroes of any power level, from streetfighters to living gods – and replicate virtually any character from your favorite anime, comic, manga, or movie settings; Countless powers all customizable with an easy-to-use system of modifier tags that lets you match your power’s specifics to your character concept; Comprehensive detective mechanics for investigating crimes, interviewing witnesses, and finding clues; Detailed options for super-geniuses to create inventions, cure diseases, and even bring their outlandish devices into mass production; Extensive rules for responding to emergencies such as asteroid strikes, avalanches, disease outbreaks, earthquakes, fires, nuclear disasters, tornados, tsunamis, and volcanoes; A huge catalog of pre-built characters and objects including major military vehicles such as aircraft carriers, attack submarines, and ballistic missiles

A dynamic mission generation system to help you create challenges for your heroes; An optional campaign setting with ready-to-use heroes, villains, and organizations; Spectacular artwork by industry-leading pencilers, inkers, and colorists. Who will you become when you ascend? Don your cape and mask and find out in Ascendant.