Armored Assault, Mini-Game #6 PDF

$ 2.49

Jones ducked back into the gravity tank as the communication link started blaster orders. Damn Federation troopers were on their way, so he and the rest of the unit had been ordered to the front lines to meet them. Gee, five light gravity tanks against a small squad of power armored troopers, it just didn't seem fair. What had he ever done bad to deserve this?

Armored Assault is the first expansion for the Battle Armor game system. Within these pages you will find rules for adding heavy tanks and gravity-propelled vehicles to your futuristic battles fields.

One of many Mini-Games from Avalon Games, this and others like it will take you on short, fast paced gaming adventures, and for only a few bucks.

This is not a stand alone game and require that you have a copy of Avalon Game's Mini-Game #2, Battle Armor.