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Arena, Mini-Game #23 PDF

$ 4.99

As the Minotaur charged, Har gripped his battle axe tighter in his meaty hand. Swinging its club high into the air in the anticipation of delivering a mighty blow, the mad half-man like creature roared as it raced towards the small man standing his ground. With blinding speed, Har flipped his battle axe upwards and into the chest of the bull man. Staggering backwards the great beast died as it spit blood and fell like a newly chopped tree. The crowds roared at the sudden defeat of the champion, no one had defeated the Minotaur, but now there stood a new warrior for the fans to root for, a new lord of the bloody arena, a new master of the death sport.

This is Arena, another great Mini-Game form Avalon Games. Create a gladiator, train him or her in the skills of killing and then equip them with the weapons and armor of your choice. Send them into the arena to battle other warriors to see who is the best, the toughest, the bravest warrior in the lands. Fully expandable, look for future expansions to the system, including a detailed magic system and more.