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Arena Magica, Mini-Game #24 PDF

$ 2.49

Yannar dived for cover as his foe's fireball exploded overhead. The rain of flaming death fell all about the arena, but Yannar's protective spell resisted the flames and saved his life. Rolling to his feet, the young wizard cast his own spell, a bolt of lighting flying from his hands. This would be no easy fight he thought to himself as his foe deflected the energy of the spell with his magical shield. No Yannar thought, this would be no easy victory.

This is Arena Magica, another great Mini-Game from Avalon Games. Create a wizard gladiator, train him or her in the skills of killing and then equip them with the weapons, armor and spells of your choice. Send them into the arena to battle other warriors and wizard to see who is the best, the toughest, the bravest in the lands. A game all to itself, it is fully compatible with Arena, and combined they form a truly expansive system of battle and mayhem.

This is not a full game and requires the use of Arena, Mini-Game #23.