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Arcanum PDF

$ 6.99

Your training in the great halls of magic is now over, the years of hard work and difficult study finally coming to an end. Tomorrow you will begin your long journey, one each graduate of the tower must take, a journey of adventure, danger and riches. You will need all your skills to survive this quest, but you are ready, for your magic is strong and your will is like iron.

Arcanum is a simple to play , but complex game of adventure and magic, a game where players seek out the destiny of their character as they travel about the many magical lands on a unique game board. Players will need to achieve a set of victory conditions if they wish to win the game, conditions that they have set for themselves before the game even begins. Encounter monsters, dangers and companions to aid you in your quest, and along the way you may even join other players as you each try to achieve some great deed. That or you may find that you have to battle these players as they seek to steal from you all your gathered magic and riches. Allies can turn into enemies with a blink of the eye, so you must walk your path with caution.

Arcanum uses a unique system of "Chips" to resolve all conflicts, so no dice are ever used. This creates a game where luck has no place in the final outcome, but rather your skills at thinking ahead and planing determining whether you will win the game or not.

Arcanum comes with 15 fully illustrated, full color map tiles.

16 full color, stand up character counters, each an illustrated portrait of a different character.

Over 80 spells, from four different fields of magic.

Over 100 other game cards, each offering information on quests, treasures, equipment, companions and more.

A fully illustrated rules book of over 30 pages full of charts, rules and information on how to play the game.

Player charts, hand outs and other game aids to make the experience a faster, smoother game.

If you liked Bad Baby's Mystic Adventures, then you will really like Arcanum.

So don't wait, leap into your first adventure and seek out you destiny with Arcanum.