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Arcanis: Sorcerous Pacts (5E)

$ 19.99

An Incredible Journey…

In the days after the fall of the Eloran Empire, Telas, a Kelekene sorcerer, begins a quest to find the lost gods of the elorii.  During his journey, he’ll visit strange and exotic other-planar Realms, entreat with bizarre entities, and forge bargains granting deadly allies and devastating powers.

Travel to:

  • The Realm of the Crushing Deep (a Plane of Water)
  • The Realm of the Swift Zephyrs (a Plane of Air)
  • The Realm of the Solid Sky (a Plane of Earth)
  • The Realm of the Burnished Flame (a Plane of Fire)
  • And the land of the Plant Lords upon Arcanis itself!

 …Pacts of Amazing Power!

  • New Class – The Elder Warlock
  • New Class Options, such as the Dancers of the Four Elements, Elder Sorcerer Tradition: Mendicant of the Aspect, and the Warder Ranger Arcanis
  • New Spells to wield such as the Fist of the Crushing Deep and the Storm of Fire
  • New Feats and Combat Schools
  • New allies to summon, such as the Slayer of the Steel Wind and the Protector of the Eternal Green
  • New creatures such as the Colossus of Jehelka and Verdaka the Megaladon!

An indispensable resource for elorii Heroes and Gamemasters alike!