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Arcanis 5E: Codex of the Mind

$ 49.99

 A Comprehensive Psionics System for Arcanis 5E. Of the four sources of magic found upon Arcanis, psionics is available to a chosen few. Among the humans, only the val can tap into the power of the mind as a blessing of their divine heritage. Each of the val families explored their psychic abilities, pushing their limits in new and strange ways and creating diverse applications. From the cerebral mastery of the psions, the martially inclined psi-warriors, or those who are spontaneously Awakened, each has crafted traditions and regimes molded to fit their distinctive natures.

     A complete and comprehensive psionic system for 5E. The history of psionics on Arcanis. Three new base classes: The Psion, the Psi-Warrior, and the Wilder. New psionically viable player races. Dozens of new subclasses. New psionic gnosis, powers, and spells. New character customization rules, backgrounds, feats, multi-classing, and Combat Schools. Psionic Magic Items and Runes. Madness rules. Optional psionic dueling rules. New psionic monsters to bedevil your Heroes. A deadly new menace – the Servants of Oblivion. And much, much, more!