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Arcanis 5E: Codex Geographica Vol. 1 - The Blessed Lands

$ 44.99

  A new Arcanis Sourcebook for 5th Edition. Birthplace of empires and the cradle of civilization, the Blessed Lands is the holiest of places upon Arcanis. Atop a thousand-foot-high mesa lies the First City. This once majestic metropolis served as the capital of no less than four great empires and laid abandoned for millennia. It is now being reclaimed, block by block, from the foul and malevolent creatures that made their lairs within.

     Within these pages you will find: An in-depth history and survey of the Blessed Lands region; An exhaustive look at the people and locations within the First City; New Class Options, Divine Aspects, Fighter Archetypes, and Holy Champion Orders; New Backgrounds, Feats, and Spells; New Combat Schools; A Bestiary detailing some of the bizarre and dangerous creatures that inhabit the region; Scores of adventure hooks to keep your players entertained.