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API Worldwide: South America

$ 19.99

Beware Your Surroundings...

From city streets to steamy jungles, South America bristles with danger. Demons, organized and aware of API, threaten to squash the company's thin forces. Gangs roam the streets, dealing in goods both native and supernatural, and the Amazon protects itself leaving no traveler unscathed... but the worst threat comes from within. A renegade agent threatens to expose API and their work, aiming to recreate the agency in her own vision.

...But Never Forget What Lies Ahead

API Worldwide: South America is the third regional sourcebook for Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. It is a complete guide to adventures set in South America. API Worldwide: South America details the threats agents will face from the dangerous mercenaries, the Ghosts of Sao Paulo, to the blood thirsty cult known as the Drummers, all of whom deserve their full attention. With limited manpower, API agents need to up the ante, utilizing deadlier hardware and magic that ranges from traditional tribal tattoos to high-end finance.

API Worldwide: South America Includes:

Information on the South American HQ, its location and intertwined history.
Detailed information on other Organizations operating in South America.
New Equipment, Organizations, Paths of Magic, and Antagonists.
New Playable Races, including the displaced Mohan, the inherently deadly Tox, and the reanimating Thirsts.
2 New Adventures!