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API Worldwide: Europe PDF

$ 9.99

Hold Sacred Your Past Promises
To build our empire, API forged untold Oaths with silver-tongued demons. These deals were important in the past, but came at a hefty price, one that humanity would likely not make today. We are all in danger if we fail to keep up with these treaties... the only thing keeping the monsters at bay.
...And Never Break Your Word
API Worldwide: Europe is the second regional sourcebook for Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. It is a complete guide to adventures set in the European Union and other European locales. Details provided on the various oaths the company has made with their demon comrades... and the lengths they go to keep the Earth safe. The secrets of Europe await within.
API Worldwide: Europe Includes:
- Information on the European HQ and their efforts as keepers of API's Oaths
- New Equipment, Orders, and Legendary Antagonists
- Playable Races for Europe, including the majestic Chiron and enigmatic Hidden Folk

This is a PDF downloadable title.