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API Worldwide: Canada

$ 19.99

Face the Dangers that Lie Beneath

Regardless of what you may think... Canada is neither boring nor safe. There are untold dangers around every corner, and few of our kind to fight. We will strike back with determination and wit. We will be triumphant... because there is no other choice.
...And Stay Ready for Anything

API Worldwide: Canada is the first regional sourcebook for Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. It is a complete guide to playing in or running adventures set in the Canadian region. Details on the dreaded entity known as the Thing Under the Ice and the plans of the Circle of Ten's Great Strategist, along with new races, magic, creatures, and equipment await within.
API Worldwide: Canada Includes:

- Information on the region, threats to its safety and API's strategies
- New Equipment, Magic, Fighting Techniques, and optional Combat Mechanics
- Playable Races for Canada, including the cannibalistic Wendigo and mysterious Husks
- Two Full Adventures included!