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Altcult Insider #1: Beyond the Edge

$ 20.00

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Metal is better than Meat--and no one knows it better than the Edgerunners!

Descendants of the classic Cyberpunks, these ultra chill street warriors are the masters of NuCybe--advanced cyberware that shapes itself to fit your design. Whether it's gigantic handcannons that can drop a full body borg in its raging cyberpsycho tracks, or full metal enhancements that explode into action at the speed of thought, the Edgerunners are ready to rip, rock and ravage their way through the heart of the Night City megalopolis.

New weapons, new vehicles, new gear and enhanced NuCybe--it's all here in this AltCult Insider. But that's not all! Do you have the street skills to master the Edger challenge and build your own NuCybe?

Altcult Insider: Beyond the Edge. Test YOUR metal!