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Alien Incursion, Mini-Game #14 PDF

$ 2.49

Ford dove for cover as the Too-Nai photon grenade detonated near by, the bright flash of light the only visible sign of the deadly weapon's effects. Rolling out of the shallow crater Ford looked on as two men from his squad staggered about the burned landscape, half their bodies burned to little more the ash from the high intensity weapon the aliens had just used.

Grabbing his laser rifle, Ford scrambled out of the hole and headed for his CO's position. Damn Crabs, he muttered to himself as he stumbled along the burning battlefield.

Welcome to Alien Incursion. This first of several alien additions to the Battle Armor game system. Now you can play the crab like Too-Nai in their battles with the forces of the human race. Can your alien technology out fight the amazing power of the powered armored human warriors.

Note that this is not a complete game and requires that you have a copy of Battle Armor, Mini-Game #2.

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This is not a full game and requires the use of Mini-Game #2, Battle Armor.