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Albion Armitage's Astounding Arsenal (Pathfinder)

$ 10.95

A dying man uses his last ounce of strength to hand you a map. A magical map, showing the way to Albion Armitage's Astounding Arsenal-a mysterious and oft-disbelieved weapons arsenal that not only changes locations, but even moves from one plane of existence to another. Some say it even moves from one reality to another...

Only those with a map can reach the arsenal, and it's up to you to succeed where the first courier failed. But there are those who are willing to do anything to get that map-can you avoid the villains who would stop you at any cost?

Albion Armitage's Astounding Arsenal is an action-packed fantasy adventure designed to challenge a party of four to six 8th-10th level characters. Information on scaling the adventure for higher- or lower-level parties is included.

Also included are battle maps, NPC stats, two new creatures, and a wide assortment of new magical and mundane weapons and armor.

"The Arsenal is real, my young friends. But even the best equipment doesn't make you immortal. Remember that..."