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Albert Nofi's The Great War: 1914 - 1918

$ 64.95

     The Great War is a strategic level, area movement system simulation of the First World War. It is a reprint of the game originally published by Rand. On a map of Europe as it was in 1914, divided into a number of distinct geo-political areas, the Players maneuver Armies, Corps, Naval Squadrons and other types of units; engage in mobilization, Combat and diplomacy; and attempt to meet their victory conditions. Great War includes seven regular and one hypothetical Situation Games, plus a Campaign Game which links all of these into one 72-turn or longer game. The game may be played by from two to seven Players and comes complete with both basic and optional rules.

1 x 22x23 mounted full-color game-board
1 x Sheet of 9/16" die-cut, double-sided, full-color playing pieces
1 x Rules Book
1 x Scenarios Book
1 x Sheet of Charts and Tables